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New year New Me bitches. Just kidding but I do have an answer to fulfill my blog requirements for you all. I know you all love the reading. Speaking of reading I finished a book before 2021 was over. I am extremely proud of that because I have not read a book for leisure in a while. Back to the topic at hand. I have found a way to update the blog more frequently. I have decided that I am going to give my opinion on things that I get asked about on a daily basis. The blog is going to become a must read because I am not withholding my own opinions at all. We will not be focused on my growth because I have committed to being more in the present and more vocal this year. So its a classic kill two birds with two rocks scenario. I hope you all had a great New Years celebration and please feel free to respond positively, or negatively, to anything I have to say because although it is my website; this website is made to be a safe place for all of us.

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