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Breezy's Log:

Hey everybody,

For those who have twitter and don't entertain it and for those who don't, there is a trend that already started the new year and will most likely be carried throughout the whole year. The trend is that everybody decided to choose violence this year (do not be afraid, the twitter fingers are going to be violent). I am the type of person who believes violence should never be the answer but a reflex. Everybody has their limits, I know this as I am apart of everybody. An example of this is physical violence. In most physical altercations there are a couple components: an instigator, an excuse, and a misunderstanding. If you have not been in a fight before I will break it down. The instigator is the person who gets the tension to the point of fighting. The instigator does not mean the winner of the fight. An instigator sometimes does not even throw a punch in the fight sometimes. The excuse usually comes from the loser of the fight. Often excuses you could hear around a scrap is "I wasn't even ready" or "I didn't know we were fighting." Lastly the misunderstanding. The misunderstanding does not usually come with a resolve, however, people in a physical altercation 9 out of 10 times are fighting for two different and personal principles. Someone could just be having a bad day and you were the unlucky person to bump into their shoulder on their way home and BOOM a fight.

I just ask of you guys to try and not promote violence. I seen this tweet and it said "I am old enough to understand that fighting isn't the solution. I'll still beat your ass, but just know I fully understand it's not going to solve the problem." I'm just gonna leave that right there and remember that when someone gets in your grill. If you act on reflex, you are not in the wrong, If you think about it, that is when you choose violence.

Thank ya,


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