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Breezy's Log:

What is up everybody? Back again with another post. I am not going to lie, every time I post a B.Log I feel like I am writing my own murder mystery. I feel like Anne Frank and Nancy Drew collabing on a post. I been watching the Netflix series "You" and I think that is where I am getting my inspiration for this post. [Disclaimer: I have not finished the series.] Whoever made that show needs to be on close watch 25 hours, 8 days a week. It has been so genius and meticulous through the part I have watched up to. I personally do not watch movies/shows that have the capability of scaring me as I have a vivid imagination and will have nightmares the whole week after watching the program.

...Getting to the message of the day; The protagonist for those who have not seen "You" is this psychopath we follow around as he follows around women he is unhealthily in love with. Somehow, this guy gets the women he wants to love him back, every time. The love part is not what I am interested in when I watch this series. I love watching the flashbacks we get to see into the psychopath a.k.a Joe's childhood experiences. I think the creators of the show intended for it to be the causation for him operating the way he does. This is a philosophical theory called determinism. There is an old-white man definition I could use but I will make my own. Determinism can be simply described as- not making decisions based off of free will, but making decisions because your past events such as traumas and endeavors are the reason you make the decisions you make everyday. An example of determinism is when we were kids we touched a stove or an iron and felt the heat, maybe we got burned. That altercation between the stove or the iron makes us not want to touch that again because of the trauma of getting burned.

To bring it full circle and relate it to the show, Joe the psychopath is not bad person. He does not have any ill-will for anyone in his heart. Not even his abusive parents. Or his father-figure(psychopath as well) for confining Joe to uncomfortable situations against his will. Joe has not done anything wrong, according to his code. His code was taught to him, by manipulators, drunks, and psychopaths. I tried not to spoil the show to anyone who has not seen it but If I go deeper I think I will. Have a great day and don't stalk me.

Thank ya,


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