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Breezy's Log:

WHATT???? Two times in one week!! For the first time of 2021 I am not capping. Bless up.

Back to your scheduled reading now... I started my first semester in my major. It has been a very very very long time coming, but I am finally in. I have not been excited for school since I was in middle school. The main reason I was excited was because I had the best back to school fits. I was also excited to see my friends after getting expelled, but that is not important. Coming back from the tangent, I was reading the syllabus for my Finance class and my professor emphasized Murphy's Law, but in his own rendition. My professor said prepare for the worst and get things done as early as possible because "Anything bad that can happen will happen." Now, my only experience with Murphy's Law is from the movie Interstellar. In the movie the law was "Anything that can happen will happen" and I like this saying better. I personally do not like negative affirmations. I think it is funny because as we are living in a "participatory trophy" world, it is still common to meet someone who has a hard time believing the best can happen to them.

Negative affirmations kill dreams before they could even take off. A cheat code in life that not many people understand is that one's intangibles (ex. work ethic, discipline, good self-esteem) often dictate how a tangible project is going to work before it is even finished. Lastly, practicing positive affirmations could help you find your strengths and weaknesses faster. Hopefully a domino effect results after and you could continue to grown from the positive seeds you are putting into your brain.

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