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Breezy's Log:

Hey you all! I started school and It has not been easy. I am not known for being the best student but I have been getting a taste of the Teacher's Pet life. Side note: One of my favorite movies. I went into my first Student Hours ever (formerly known as office hours) to discuss a project coming up. My professor said "Thanks Chris, you are the first person to discuss the project with me." This was a first for me, definitely. Please do not get confused, The assignment is doable, I just wanted to get an early start because I am on a Kamikaze type journey to being perfect. I am not going to lie, I chuckled when my professor said that because I am used to being the class clown, not an active listener. I used to think it was lame to care about school so much. Now I find it admirable, because once school is over the lessons we learn will come after getting our a$$es handed to us by life. This semester is going to be a good one! This is the last post I will do about school until graduation, and we don't know when that is going to be. That is future Chris' responsibility.

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