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Breezy's Log:

What is good in the neighborhood! Back at it again with another blog.

Would you Rather Be Rich or Famous? Most people I associate with would choose the fortune over the fame; I always chose stardom. I don't know if it is noticeable, but I am going to be a Youtuber for my career. I have always wanted a public figure job. I grew up seeing a lot of people saying that they were going to make it and they did. Growing up in La, it is 10 times out of 10 you will either know a celebrity, run into a celeb, or become a celebrity. The only hard part about becoming a celebrity is figuring out how to get there.

I used to have a cooking show I used to do on snapchat for friends and people who added me on snapchat just for my show. With Snapchat, people could comment on your story right away and give you gratification. The moments were I was told this "made my day so much better" or "I needed this were the moments I lived for." My mom does not know about the show. I stopped doing the show in 2018. Do I miss the show? Yes. Do the people miss the show? Yes. Could I ever do that show again? I don't like saying no, so I will the future.

On that not I will bid thee farewell. If you do want to see "In The Kitchen With Bhris" add me on snapchat: c_br33z

Thank ya,


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