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Breezy's Log:

Hey everybody! I apologize for the prolonggeeddddd post. I had a family member get really sick (not covid) and I was not in the wrote headspace to give positive energy to the blog. My family member is home now and a little piece of me is back. Now to the post.

I have this saying that I just created and if you see it anywhere else, it was here first. The saying is still in the first couple drafts but it goes as such: "If you do not respect them, they can't disrespect you." Now I know that they are just a couple words in a quotation on your screen, but please re-read it. Everyone will have their own connotation on those words, whatever history you have you will bring to the words, but the way I hope it resonates as "if you don't care for their opinion when engaged in a mundane conversation, than how does their opinion gain value when that said person expresses an opinion about yourself you two don't share." That was the nicest way I could put it.

I hope this carries you somewhere forward, never backwards.

Thanks for reading,


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