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Breezy's Log:

Hey everyone,

Do you remember the oldest saying in the book, maybe younger than "step on a crack break your mama's back", you are what you eat? I think because we have the internet we should upgrade the saying to "you are what you consume." I say this because we have so much data coming at us nowadays it is too much for our brains. I am apart of the Gen Z-tards (You seen it hear first) and we have had social media since we were in middle school. There is a lot of people who say absurd half-truths on social media to get engagement. I know a lot of people in my generation who rely on social media to feed them the news from the true point of view but instead the algorithms show us the truths to gratify our personal truths. I hope you do not think this is a conspiracy post but it is trying to jolt you to understand that there are mega computers sending information to our screens to show us content we like and content that reassures us to keep us in the app.

I am not either attacking the Silicon Valley nerds, they have also came out and said they can not compute what the computers are computing, lol. SO when I say you are what you consume, a lot of older people like to say once you are 25 that is who you are for life. And they are older so why would they not be right? So I would say consume everything, (which is kinda impossible) or consume nothing. A statistic I seen on the movie The Social Dilema is suicide and self-harm amongst girls between the ages of 11-18 has shot up +200%. Maybe we should hold a class on how to consume the internet. We have health classes in high school to learn about the food pyramid. I just want everyone to be careful on the internet. A lot of people do not know, but the internet is just as vast and unexplored as the ocean. However, because we are not going to drown or get eaten by a megashark we continue to go on our Lewis and Clark expedition on the internet and not the work we should continuously be working on.

Thank ya,


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