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Breezy's Log:

Friends welcome back, I adore you all. I have figured out a structure for my B.Logs and I think I am going to run with it for a while because It will be like a diary for us and ultimately I hope to be able to track my growth as a person. From now on when you come to the blog I am going to be answering a prompt -"What is the meaning of life?" So for the first journal entry here we goo...

I think the meaning of life is love. The most organic intangible facet of living. Those who act through love walk with their chest out and chin up. Vulnerable AF. To me, those have always been the strongest people. I remember the little phrase 'you always got to put your best foot forward' and I think not all of us has the capability too. Due to whatever circumstances, our best foot forward has become having our foot halfway in the door in order to retreat when adversity hits. (Adversity in this context meaning shit hits the fan and does not go the way you want) I believe that most of us reading this has had once the dreams to be famous but could not go through the judgement, constant surveillance, and threats that comes with that lifestyle. Moreover making the decision for us if we could even fathom living in the limelight. A common trait I believe most celebrities have to be good at is loving themselves.

Some celebrities take care of their business because they love their family and friends. Just like a parent would because of the love for their children.

In a simpler way, humans habitually repeat what they love for no other reason but the love of what they do or they love the feeling they get from it. Nowadays this would be considered selfish. Doing what you love despite, not in spite, of others. I believe this cultural norm has been set in society by groups of individuals who do not have the capacity to love themselves. To make it crystal clear I am not saying unhappy people try to ruin things for happy people. I do know that love is usually associated with happiness and unhappiness has a direct relationship with lack of love. One person I know will love you individually is yourselves. I can't promise I'll fuck with all of you, but I love you for being here and reading this.

Thank ya,


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