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Breezy's Log:

For todays post, I am going to be speaking on perspective. As of recent I believe that perspective could be the to key to getting through life. TO start, we could speak on how perspective helps with motivation. I heard the great George Foreman say "Someone who doesn't quit could never lose." I believe this relates to perspective because if you have the ability to bounce back off the canvas after getting knocked down, then you really could never lose. If you are someone who perceives themselves as being a winner, than it will help your motivation to know that you could never quit.

I also watched a motivational speaker tell someone who got bamboozled by his coworkers within their business (resulting in dissolvement of the company), that if this person kept perceiving himself as the victim than this person would not have the self drive to make sure it never happens again. He told the listener you have to see where you messed up, not what messed you up.

I hear a lot about people who are always happy and I also know that there are people who are not the most energetic. They could have the same values, measurements, and friends. They will not be looked at the same, EVER. Another factor into perceivability is that people perceive whatever their mind creates. The simplest test for perceiving objects is the glass half empty or glass half full test. Ultimately the test is to separate optimist and pessimist. The goal is an optimist would say the glass is half full and a pessimist would say half empty. I do not think that test is fair because their is so many external factors that go into everyone's vernacular, but it is perceived a "negative" person would say half empty. I don't say half full or half empty because it is gonna be gone if it is in front of me. I never put a drink down, that is how you get roofied.

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