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Breezy's Log:

Life be crazy you guys. I am going to get straight into it. Mt new belief is that pain is the key to life. Any type of pain really. I came up with this remembering the J Cole bar "heart beating fast let a nigga know that he alive." I was thinking that pain is a reminder that you are alive. It is common for people to fall in a hypnosis of going through the motions but not really doing anything mind-engaging. Pain shocks us out of the hypnosis I believe and then boom, you are woke. For my gym goers they know when something is hurting a change is happening for the better. When you get through a breakup is another example. You have to go through pain to ignite change. Enough people go through pain to make clichés about them, and a cliché is a cliché because there is some truth.

No pain, no gain. Beauty is pain. Pain is weakness leaving the body. Those are all the quotes I could think of but there is a common theme. Pain makes people not content/uncomfortable. I say embrace that feeling because most likely that change is going to be good for you. I do not believe we should just go out looking to get punched on, but when you do not feel like doing something because it could be painful- think about the light on the other side when you get through it! School is painful for me lemme tell ya.

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