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Breezy's Log

For this blog post I am going to say that the answer to life is humility. I do not know a lot of words and the words I do know I learn them through context and make my own definition. Words are made up and I try to use words that I know the emotion tied to word. So for an example of that, I have the word, humility. Now my definition for humility is the ability to see/treat other humans like you would treat yourself. I understand this might sound similar to the golden rule, however it it is a subconscious thing. An example of my definition of humility would be seeing a panholder(houseless person) and giving them some money that you found in your pocket after doing laundry. Another example is if you see someone hurt in a car accident and you call the ambulance.(because we never call 12!) I think that humility could be a solid answer to life because I get a chemical rush of serotonin when I do something for my fellow man.

Another image that comes to mind when I think about humility are superhero characters. One superhero I believe we all know is Superman. Superman saved a lot of people and the world sometimes, and never asked for anything in return. He did not have to dress up and fly around and gain enemies and fight bad guys. I would not expect anyone nowadays to do that if they had superpowers. I believe humility and the abundance of it in a person helps them develop a superhero gene. I always thought some people were born with it and obviously others didn't, but I thought it would never be attainable for those people. I have had a crazy life that I am surprised I get to wake up and be in. I was listening to J Cole and I am not a really big J Cole fan but he had this bar that was like "Still remember the n*gga who pulled a gun on me." I have had a similar experience haha and I still remember the dude vividly. It was a little bit of humility within that guy and because of it I get to tell the story.

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