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Breezy's Log:

Hey peeps,

13 more days until Christmas!!! 9 more days until 2020 is over :(

I know I already recapped this year briefly for you all, so let me share my biggest takeaway from this long year. I watched this really cool show on Netflix called "The Midnight Gospel" and I think it taught me a lot. It is far from an educational show. It is a show discovering truths amongst the world told by a self-proclaimed Enlighted individual purple alien cartoon named Clancy on his space podcast called "The Midnight Gospel". But my biggest takeaway from 2020 came from this show and I am posting because I believe this could help most of us: stop running away from mortality. I am the guiltiest person for thinking I am invincible/immortal. I understand bad things happen to everybody. I also know that death is something everyone has to go to. But I believe running from death is the wrong way. Now I am not saying jump off of an airplane and pull your parachute when you're staring Lady Liberty in the face, but Will Smith once said (after jumping off an airplane) "The step I took into fear, I thought I was going to die, then I opened my eyes and felt alive.

I think the further away from death we get, the more out of touch we get, the more we distract ourselves with the reality of dying, and life gets exponentially harder. The further away from death we get, we get to enjoy material things and put a higher intangible value on the items. With that...

Happy Holidays,


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